Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So I lost almost 20 pounds.. getting pregnant. Ugh. I don't recommend that method AT ALL- I can't imagine being bulimic, throwing up is no fun!

So as you can guess, I won't be trying to lose any weight soon. I have been focusing lately on maintaining weight with healthy meals and snacks though (now that I'm not throwing up 12 times a day). It probably helps that I just can't stomach any meat products and I'm not craving sweets or salty snacks really. I know, it's not fair huh? Why don't I just shut the heck up already... lol.

I do need to get out of the house and walk or.. anything! With the complications of my pregnancy, I haven't been doing much. For a while I couldn't even get off the couch. Fortunately, the doctors have pinned down the issue and with the medicine I started taking a few weeks ago, I've been feeling better as each day goes by. I even grocery shopped all by my self yesterday and didn't have to sit down somewhere to recover halfway through- a BIG change from a month ago! I still get tired easier than I'm used to, but it's so much better than before.

If no one minds, I'll keep posting here (I know it's been a long time, but I hadn't even posted on my personal blog since August, which I started doing again as well). Part of Our Journey is how to keep healthy during pregnancy, right? Afterwards I can get back on the weight loss wagon with the rest of you gorgeous ladies.

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